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Organic Sophistication. What is it?

Dara describes it as“crisp, natural elements made up to develop an impeccably high degree of fresh style & inviting experience.”


Castiglione Events is a Full Service Point Pleasant based wedding planner and designer specializing in the logistics and design of custom tented events and non-traditional, raw spaces.


With  over 13 years of experience, Owner and Principal Planner, Dara Castiglione-Watson is meticulous in honing in on what really matters to you as a couple throughout the entire planning process, while also being transparent and honest with clients the whole way through when it comes to budget, timing, ideas, and decision making.


It's understood how stressful putting together a completely custom wedding from scratch can be, and Castiglione Events lays out the framework for navigating through the process of tent decisions, rentals, floral design, floor and site plans, etc. with utterly organized shared virtual worksheets, folders, and design boards.

So what are you waiting for?


Lets do this. 

xx -dcw

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