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W E D D I N G   P L A N N I N G  |  D E S I G N  |  P R O D U C T I ON

With a comprehensive budgeting plan and master planning timeline managed exclusively for you by Owner and Principal Planner Dara Castiglione, you will be matched with vendors from her arsenal of trusted professionals to fit your aesthetic and needs perfectly. Hearing your ideas and visions and putting them into play through consistent communication, brainstorming and problem solving to get your wedding weekend just right from every angle.

Due to the extensive detail that goes into each and every wedding Dara plans, there are a limited number of events taken on per year. 

Minimum Wedding Budgets beginning at $100k are required for this service. 

However, hourly rate planning sessions are available should your budget fall below the minimum.




Whether you are newly engaged, about to get married next week, or a small business owner looking to enhance your service experience, consulting sessions may be exactly what you need. Priced by the hour, these one on one sessions will help you figure out the best course of action for your big event plans.




 P  A  R  T  I  E  S 

Although our primary focus is Weddings, we do LOVE a private party. From showers to milestone birthdays, to grand openings and everything in between. 

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